Fereshteh Azarbani

I was born in 1968 in shahr-kord,One of cities in the center of Iran . Because of my father's job , an employee of judiciary,we immigrated to Isfahan ,the most well-known city of Iran,my childhood passed there .I passed the elemntary, secondary and high school in Kerman.It's a city in the south of Iran.

We had a miniature portrait,which had hung in our living room .It was about the sunnets of Hafiz and was drawn by Farshchian,M. one of the most famous Iranian painters of Iran .During those years,I always sat by it and asked this question repeatedly ," Is it possible for me someday to draw somthing like this ?" It was my motive to begin painting.

From that time till getting my diploma,the best score for drawing in the class was mine .By entering for the high school ,I selected "Design & Architecture" courses to study more.
Meanwhile I,personally ,experienced niello and varnish and was able to duplicate the works of others.

In 1982,I entered for art field at Al-Zahra University in Tehran .Then I was seeking for something more.something which I didn't recognized it well.So I experienced engraving on wood ,crockery,glaze on the pottery,Inalid work,cloth weaving,darning ,coarse carpet weaving ,painting on carpet and coarse carpet,sculpture,photography,developing the pictures,engraving ,calligraphy and etc.They were the same until I became aquainted with miniature.It was abvious that I have found the right way.I
Finally I presented a paper entitled "the study of the schools of miniature" .It can be found at the library of Al-Zahra University.

As a matter of fact encouragement of my parents and particularly my dear husband helped me to bear the deficiencies and problems.UP till now,I have participated in fourty one exhibiton in iran and six exhibition in forign country(azarbaijan,armenia and aljeri) and so so I have teached miniature in univercity of armenia.